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VOL. 1 NO. 1 DECEMBER 2018


Kabayan, are you thinking of setting up a startup family business in the Philippines? Even when you're away from home, these home business ideas are easy to manage with the help of your family. According to www.entrepreneur.com, a home-based business (HBB), is a "business whose primary office is in the owner's home. The business can be any size or any type as long as the office itself is located in a home." If you're serious about it, call a family meeting and get suggestions on how to start your own HBB in the Philippines. With a little planning and investment, you could be your own boss!


Many people have a hard time - also, no time - to think of great gifts for their friends and family. If you love the thrill of finding good stuff and sharing it with others, selling gift packages could be a good mini business. Your family in the Philippines can set up right at home. They can scout, package, and deliver the gift packages to local clients. You can also send things you find in the country you're based in as part of the gift packages. Marketing the business is also a quick process. Showcase your gift ideas and themes online through accounts on Facebook and Instagram. Remember, the photos should look clear and impressive. Bad lighting, awkward styling, and cheap presentation will turn off potential clients. Also, make sure to include affordable but quality items.


Good home bakers can be instant entrepreneurs, especially if thy bake with passion. Is a member of your family good at baking? Are you? Start a baking business from home.

First, your recipe should be the main selling point. Your cupcakes, pastries, or cakes must taste and look delicious. Teach a member of your family how to bake your special recipe so they can make it while you're away.

Second, use quality ingredients and packaging. Customers who are happy with the product and service will always come back for more. They may even encourage others to buy your baked goods! Lastly, don't sacrifice your baked goods' quality if orders start to overwhelm you. If you cannot deliver on time, inform the customer up-front or negotiate for a date you can commit to.


Selling packaged food like ice candy, dried fish, lumpia, embutido, or tocino is a profitable home business when done right. You can make your own food or get from a reliable supplier, which is an easier setup. If you are dealing with raw food, always focus on food safety. Sanitize and organize your kitchen headquarters daily. The ingredients and tools must be clean to avoid customers getting sick. Invest in proper delivery transport to ensure the orders do not spoil as well.


More and more Pinoys go online shopping, what with the terrible traffic and unpredictable weather. A buy and sell HBB is a great opportunity to take advantage of local shoppers' needs. Being based abroad could be your advantage from the other buy and sell businesses. Look for quality products that you think people back home will buy, and sell them online. Creating an e-commerce website can be daunting. Start small by setting up official accounts on Carousell, Facebook, or Instagram. Your family can help can contact clients and deliver the goods. Be mindful of customs laws, international distribution rules, and necessary permits before you start your business.


Is a member of your family good at repairing things? Bank on his or her expertise and create a startup business from home.

You can pay to fund for the tools needed to start. It's also a good idea to sponsor your service expert's training. Get clients through referrals, social media marketing on FB or IG, or signposts outside your house.


From loot bags to tables to decorations, you can set up a party materials provider business from the comfort of your own home. The most important you'll need is a reliable network of suppliers and rentals. If you're managing the business abroad, make sure your local contact is trustworthy and efficient. Do you want to provide a whole party package to your clients? Get a party planner who is creative and fun to work with. [K]



Remember these Kabayan!

1. PASSION - Behind most successful startups are passionate people who believe in the product or service they offer. It's easier to create a business out of something you love to do or create.

2. BUSINESS PLAN - Is there a market for your product or service? Do you have a concrete business plan and marketing strategy? Are all the paperwork and permits easy to secure and lawful? Can you set up the business inside your home? Ask good consultants and get tips on how to start your business.

3. BUDGET - After creating a business plan, make sure you have the budget to start your HBB. Since it's a family business, you can ask members of your family to chip in.


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