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VOL. 1 NO. 2 MAY 2019


The unveiling of Kabayan Magazine's 1st cover during the Kabayan launch night at Diamond Hotel

In commemoration of its fifth long-standing year in the industry, JMCL Media proudly introduces the new magazine KABAYAN dedicated to Overseas Filipino Workers across the globe, Saturday, December 22, 2018.

KABAYAN aims to celebrate our modern day heroes from around the world by being an avenue through which they could share their struggles and successes.

"With such a huge contribution to our economy, there should be a way no matter how small to give back to our OFWs who yearn for and miss their home country. Hence, OFWs should have a companion in their walk in life overseas. KABAYAN Magazine is the printed voice dedicated to our OFWs," says JMCL Founder and CEO Lyn Zabala.

JMCL CEO and Founder Ms. Lyn Zabala, opening the night with her welcome speech.

KABAYAN is spearheaded by Chief Operating Officer and Sales Head Rolando Pestaño Jr. who proposed the concept of a magazine for OFWs as a way of giving back to the community; Marketing Consultant and Editor-in-Chief France Manto, who also works as an OFW stationed as business lecturer at the international Academy of New Zealand and Auckland Wise Institute; Managing Editor Shara Jane Espina; and Magazine Consultant Lana Chan.

Ms. France Manto receiving her award together with JMCL CEO Ms. Lyn Zabala, Kabayan's COO Mr. Rolando Pestano & Managing Editor Shara Espina

JMCL staff proudy wearing their Kabayan outfit of the night.

The magazine will feature personal anecdotes and profiles of featured OFWs as well as travel guides for balikbayans, economy news, legal advice for OFWs, and business opportunities from different franchises and other such services.

Businesswoman Trish Lotivio, one of the featured profiles in KABAYAN's first ever issue, gave her speech at the Launching Event on Saturday to share her own journey of career transition from an OFW to a businesswoman, and extend her warmest gratitude to the people that made the magazine possible.

Trish Lotivio and family with Kabayan Publisher and Chairwoman

JMCL Media has partnered with the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA), Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), and Philippine Embassies in Iran, Israel, Singapore, and South Korea in order to distribute KABAYAN for free to Filipinos in aforementioned countries.

JMCL started as a sole proprietorship in 2010 servicing media planning requirements for clients of Manila Broadcasting Company, and became a corporation catering to radio ads in 2013. In 2018, the company now has fully expanded their services to radio ads, Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising, and Above the Line (ATL) advertising.

For more information on KABAYAN Magazine and JMCL, please visit http://jmclmedia.ph/ or contact us via 310-0356, 447-0050, or through email at jmclmedia@gmail.com. [K]


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