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BALIKBAYAN BOX PACKING HACKS: Paano Mag-Empake ng mga Pasalubong sa Balikbayan Box

VOL. 1 NO. 2 MAY 2019


Packing your pasalubong inside a Balikbayan box may seem like a daunting task for some, but with a few hacks, packing can be easy as pie.

Receiving a Balikbayan Box from abroad is like getting one of the best Christmas presents especially when received on an ordinary day. Sending a Balikbayan Box is a way of delivering your love and thoughtfulness to your family and relatives from across the globe.

As with any gift you intend to give, planning and well thought-out placement of items inside the box, along with secure packaging, assure that your cargo will be delivered intact to the intended recipients.

Kabayan brings to you these Balikbayan Box packing hacks so that you can say goodbye to your packing woes.

List Everything

Create two copies of a list of the items you intend to include in the box. One copy is for you, and the other one is to be sent to your family so that they would know what to expect in the box. Never mind spoiling the surprise. By knowing the contents of the box you'll be sending over, your family will know if something is missing. Having a list is a big help also when you fill out forms at Customs in sending out your Balikbayan Box.

Choose a Well-Trusted and Efficient Delivery Service

Scout for a well-trusted delivery service of Balikbayan Box. You can ask other OFWs, family, relatives, and friends for some suggestions. Then do your research of those delivery service companies by visiting their websites (if any,) reading reviews, and asking the opinion of other people who have had first-hand experience with the given delivery service company. It's best that you choose a delivery service company that offers real-time tracking system of a cargo so that you can easily monitor your shipment. Remember to keep the receipt and other documents related to your shipment.

Protect the Box and its Contents

Assume the worst when having your Balikbayan Box to be tossed around, thrown, exposed to heat and the elements during transport and handled without much care.

Some Balikbayan Box suppliers have a box delivered to you. Other suppliers require you to pick it up from the supplier's address. Because a Balikbayan Box is exposed to all elements during transit, especially rain, customers wrap the whole box with a packing tape which serves as the "raincoat" of the box. Some also line the inside of the box with a plastic garbage bag to further protect the items.

Secure the Goods

Pack all shampoo bottles and other liquids in a Zip-lock bag to reduce chances of the liquid spilling to the other items in the box. Make sure that you also tape the cap of the liquid items to firmly secure the content. You may use clothes that you will send as wraps for items that are hard or easily get broken like cookies and noodles.

When packing toys, separate the batteries from the toys. Tape them side-by-side so that the poles don't touch. Then wrap them in clothes as well.

If you're planning to include small electronic items, place a small padlock on the hole of the plug of items that run on 110 volts. This is to prevent the recipient from immediately plugging the electronic item into a 220 volt outlet, which may cause damage to the electronic item.

However, avoid sending electronic appliances to save you the trouble of worrying if the electronic appliances have arrived in one piece to the recipient.

Perishable items like meat, fruits, vegetables, dairy, and other frozen products and fragile items such as glassware and plates are a big no-no as items to be sent because they can easily spoil or break while the box is en route to its destination.

Make sure that all spaces inside the box are accounted for so that the items would not move around that much. Styrofoam boards are your best bet in filling up space because not only do they come in shapes and sizes that fit a Balikbayan Box, but they also weigh close to nothing; so they don't add much to the total weight of your cargo.

Write the Recipient's Name and Address Legibly

Use a permanent black marker in writing the recipient's name and address on the box. Write the complete name, address, and telephone or mobile number on at least two sides of the box.

Secure your hard-earned money for the contents of your Balikbayan Box with these packing hacks. Take all the needed precautionary measures to make sure that your gift will arrive in one piece to your loved ones in the Philippines. Happy packing! [K]


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